Races, Improved

Racelink is a platform that allows brands and charities to create their own Virtual Races.

Virtual Races are like traditional races — they charge an entry fee and provide real rewards like medals and T-shirts — but they take place in a location and time of the entrants’ choice.

We make races easier to organise, more accessible to runners, and more fun for everyone.

Tried and Tested Platform

Our platform handles every single part of holding a race - from selling race entries, to creating and hosting content, to shipping physical rewards worldwide. We've already served 13,000+ runners!


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our iPhone and Android apps enhance running experience by dynamically injecting audio storytelling and music into the race – and it all feeds into a live global leaderboard!


From the Creators of Zombies, Run!

We created the world's most popular smartphone fitness game, with over 3 million paid and free downloads. There's no-one better at creating compelling digital fitness apps and events.

Start Your Race Now

More Exciting: Our smartphone apps allow you to integrate audio storytelling and music directly into your race. Your entrants have never had a more thrilling and immersive experience!

More Accessible: Entrants can run wherever they live, at any time during your race period - from the crack of dawn to late at night. We even support treadmill tracking.

More Scalable: Racelink events can easily scale from 1000 to 100,000 entrants worldwide, whether they live in the densest city or the most remote town. We're perfect for brands and charities with national or global communities.

Easy to organise: We can help you with every part of your race - from content creation and audio production, to sourcing and shipping T-shirts and medals worldwide. We can get a race up and running within six months.

Your branding: Your entrants will see your logo, your brand, and your copy. You get all the benefits of a state-of-the-art app with none of the cost and hassle of development.

Zero up-front fee: We charge you a simple flat fee for every race entrant, so you can charge race entrants as much or as little as you like.


Zombies, Run!

The fourth - and most exciting - Zombies, Run! Virtual Race is now on sale.


Spy Virtual Race

We're helping Macmillan Cancer Support (the UK's sixth biggest charity) hold the UK's first ever thrilling spy-themed race.


Run the Solar System

We're working with the British Science Association to make a fun, educational, and free race that's out of this world!

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